Did you know we are more that just a scooper service? Here are some things you may not have known about us.

  1. We love dogs! We have even returned dogs to non-clients that we have found wandering the streets.
  2. We care about the dogs’ health. We take time to leave clients samples of waste in vet supplied containers if blood or other abnormalities are noticed. We have caught early stage cancer so that with treatment the dog(s) live a long, happy life.
  3. We help keep your home safe and secure while you are hard at work. We let clients know if gates, doors, or windows are ajar or open if they are not normally. We have even put out a fire in a client’s yard.
  4. If we notice your dog knocked over its water bowl during the heat of summer, we refill it.
  5. We bring up your empty garbage cans and/or place your newspaper near your door.
  6. We pick up any hazards in our clients’ yards like dead birds, squirrels or rabbits, broken glass, nails or tacks, trash that could be ingested, etc.
  7. We take time to play with our clients’ dog(s). We love to have fun playing chase or fetch. We also enjoy a break for some R & R and cuddle time with our canine friends!