As pet ownership increases, accepting pets on your property has turned into not only a nice thing to do but also a profitable one. Studies have found that properties that accept pets generate more rent income and have a higher occupancy rate than buildings that don’t.

To lure these prospective tenants, many properties have spaces where tenants can exercise their dogs without having to leave the property. Fenced-in “bark parks” or even well kept sidewalks along green spaces often a good features to offer a potential renter and their dog.

But with pets come problems. Uncollected dog poop is unseemly, smells terrible, and is a genuine health and environmental issue. Improperly disposed pet waste is a frequent complaint from tenants and can harm your property’s reputation.

The best way to make sure your property is cleared of dog waste on a regular basis is to use a reliable pet waste disposal company. Companies like Denver-based Pet Scoop Services are quick, clean, friendly, and efficient way to dispose of waste that is also environmentally friendly. Subcontracting out this task not only makes your property more attractive to prospective renters but also frees up your maintenance crew to perform other tasks.

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