It really depends on what you would like to give:
You could purchase a one-time cleanup or an initial cleanup with regular service.


  • The average initial/one-time waste cleanup (a yard that has not been cleaned in about 1 month with 1-2 dogs) would cost approximately $35-$55 (could be more or less depending on the time since yard was thoroughly cleaned and the number of dogs).
  • The average regular cleanup (weekly service is our most popular, with 1-2 dogs) would cost $9.90 – $12.40 per week.

Our Recommendation:
(Again, it depends on the length of time since the yard was cleaned and the # of dogs)

  • One-Time Cleanup only = $35-$55
  • 1st Month (with Initial cleanup) = $70-$100
  • Each additional month = $35-$50

We would also recommend that you purchase a little more than you might expect and additional credit left over will simply be additional service for your special gift!