There are many things we need to do to prepare for the cold winter months. Let’s not forget about our pets.

Here are a few tips for a safe and warm winter for your dog:

If you notice that your dog gets dry skin in the winter, you probably need to brush him or her more often. Doing so will get rid of old fur and help get their oil glands work properly. Try brushing once in the morning and once in the evening to see if it makes a difference for your pet.

Keeping your dog warm during winter with the latest in canine fashion and accessories is quite popular. We’ve all seen those adorable sweaters, coats and jackets. Whether you love it, are not to keen on the idea or think it’s just for show, dogs need protection from the elements too! Keeping your dog’s paw-pads dry is essential to their health in sub-freezing weather. Consider investing in suede or leather footwear and pick up a coat while you’re at it. You can make them instead if you are creative! Your dog will let you know when enough is enough.

When thinking about dog houses, bigger is not better. Allow room for growth, but do not go much bigger than what you will need for him to be comfortable as an adult. This will allow the entire house to heat from his body heat during the cold winter months.

Consider that winter is holiday season which can bring a higher amount of foot traffic in and out of your home. Sadly this can make it all too easy for animals to escape and become lost during harsh winter weather. Be sure your dog’s ID tags and microchip are up to date to ensure your furry friend will come home safely.

Whether your family members have feet or paws keeping the entire family warm and safe in the winter is important.