Our dog poop DNA matching service is the permanent solution to significantly reduce or even eliminate the problem of dog waste at managed communities.

Join more than 3,300 properties using PooPrints® to ensure a clean community, improve the bottom line and increase resident satisfaction.

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What Is PooPrints?

Community Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance requirements and eliminate POO-lution.
  • Keep your community safe and beautiful
  • Attract new tenants
  • Increase resident retention
  • Save money or even generate revenue depending on your pet policy
  • Provides undeniable accountability

Resident Benefits

  • Enjoy a poop free community
  • Free lost & found service with a unique ID for each pet
  • Appreciate a cleaner & healthier environment for their family and pets

How Does It Work?

Register Community Pets

  • We create an online community database of registered dogs for your property.
  • Using PooPrints Dog DNA Test Collection Kit, each dog’s unique genetic profile is uploaded to the property’s private and secure database provided through the DNA World Pet Registry.
  • Once all dog DNA tests are completed and registered, an un-scooped pile can be matched to the exact dog and the owner can be contacted.

Match the Mess

  • Using a PooPrints Waste Sample Collection Kit, collect a nickel-sized amount of the dog waste.
  • Return the sample in its re-sealable bag to BioPet Vet Lab for PooPrints Sample Processing DNA dog test.
  • A unique genetic profile is generated from the waste sample and can be matched to the dog DNA profile of the offending dog.

Live Clean and Green

  • With PooPrints in place at your Denver Metro community and dogs registered, you will notice residents scooping their dog’s waste instead of leaving it behind for you and your maintenance staff to cleanup.
  • Common areas become CLEANER & GREENER!
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