Meet Our Pets

Meet Our Pets

Meet Our Pets2022-05-06T06:01:56-06:00


This is Minerva (MinMin). She's a very sassy, cuddly bobtail who is 7 years old! All she wants to do is cuddle with [...]


This is Isis. She's a 6-month-old sphynx kitten. She loves cuddling, cardboard boxes, and being the cutest menace around.


Trippie is a 3 yr old terrier mix that loves to play and loves to cuddle even more! Trippie is originally a swamp [...]


This is Gus! He's a one year old English Cream Golden who likes long walks and his chicken sisters.


Melania is a 2 year old Chiweenie mix that loves to dress up! She loves nothing more than to be cuddling in the sofa [...]


This is Finn! He is a 5 year old lab. He is one of the sweetest boys we’ve ever had. He’s super smart… [...]


This is Rudy! He is a 5 year old lab/whippet mix. He is a tripod but it doesn’t slow him down one bit. [...]


This is Grady, Grady Wilson from Sanford and son! he's 7 yrs old we got him when he was just a baby and [...]


This is Bailey, our Routing Manager Toby's livestock guardian dog! He was rescued in Denver and found his way to us a year [...]


Goshe is a 9 year old rescued Golden Retriever Mix who belongs to Karlyn our receptionist. He loves camping, hiking, swimming, and adventuring! 

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