At Pet Scoop, we believe in service. But we don’t stop at customer service! We serve our customers, our team, and our community with the same level of passion. We believe in people, and when we get the right people on our team we want them to stick around! Almost everyone in our company started in the Residential or Commercial Technician position, so we have a lot of experienced staff and a lot of advancement opportunities. We have been serving the Denver area since 1994 and really enjoy giving back to our community!

Our Purpose:

“To Enjoy Serving Pets, Their People and Each Other In Unique Ways

Pet Scoop Core Values - P.R.A.I.S.E. FUN!

Passion for pets – We love pets and enjoy being around them. We work to help make their lives better. Without them, we have no purpose.

Respect – We treat others how we want to be treated. We will not gossip. We acknowledge each others uniqueness as individuals. We appreciate accomplishments and recognize others aspirations, beliefs and opinions.

Accountability – We deliver on our promises and make no excuses. We take responsibilities for our own actions and expect the same from others.

Integrity – We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Service – We define ourselves as having an attitude of service towards each other, our customers and their pets.

Excellence: – Customer-Driven – Everything we DOO must meet the highest standards of excellence. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers through character and action. We build relationships with our customers in order to develop a foundation of trust, confidence and loyalty.

FUNCasual Work Environment: – We strive to create a casual work environment that is friendly, fun and productive. We get to work with dogs, what could be more fun?

Pet Scoop History

Pet Scoop was founded in February, 1994 by Sam Johnson and his wife, Lanier, as a part-time business while attending college and working other jobs. After their first year in business, they had a whopping 15 clients. After graduating from Colorado Schools of Mines with a Civil Engineering degree and the University of Colorado with a Masters in Business Administration, Sam decided to continue with the service as possibly the world’s most educated pooper scooper.

With help from its first employees in the Spring of 1998, the business began to grow. Over the years, many dedicated employees, partners and associates have worked to make Pet Scoop the largest dog waste removal service in Colorado as well as one of the largest in the country. With your help, we plan to make Pet Scoop the largest and best service of its kind in the world!

Although our company’s function is to pick up dog waste from our client’s yards and from multifamily living complexes, our main focus is on customer service. We are a customer service company more so than a “Pooper Scooper” company. We strive to create a philosophy of professional service that puts the customer at the center.

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Staff Reviews and Testimonials

“The people I work with are amazing and I get to bring my dog to work with me everyday! I am grateful to work for a company that is warm and welcoming, making clients and co-workers feel like a part of the Pet Scoop family!”


“It’s rare one finds a workplace where they can legitimately call each and every person friend, but we’ve built that at Pet Scoop. As a Southern expat finding my way in a new land, I am glad to have a strong community I can lean on, and this company has gone a long way towards making Colorado home.”


“My time on the Pet Scoop Team has been an unexpected blessing. Due to past job experiences, my bar is pretty low when it comes to organizations living up to how they describe themselves. Pet Scoop’s team culture is like nothing else you will ever find!”


“I’ve worked in various administrative, management, and customer service positions and by far this is the best job I’ve ever had, EVER!! From the owners of the company to all the employees everyone here at Pet Scoop are just genuinely good kind-hearted people who truly care. I love working for Pet Scoop! I wake up everyday and I’m actually excited to go to work. I get to hang outside with dogs all day and enjoy the beautiful weather Colorado has to offer. I do a lot of walking but it’s great, it feels like I’m getting paid to exercise! 🥰🥰🐕🐕💩💩”


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