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  • Pet Scoop’s pooper scooper service is among the most trusted dog waste removal services in Colorado. We offer professional, affordable, and convenient services.
  • Our service is fast and easy. Our technicians are professional and fully equipped to clean your yard. A neat and clean yard is part of a safe healthy home. We are excited to bring our saving time poop pick-up services to pet owners all over Erie. If having a clean environment and saving time is crucial to you, we’re here to help.
  • Start service today to discover why Pet Scoop is the most recommended poop pick-up service. Our mission is to serve pets and their people well. We are committed to keeping the beautiful open spaces and backyards in the Erie community POO-lution free. We invite you to relax and leave your poop clean-up chore to us. A healthier outdoors is only a click, schedule, and clean away.
  • Pet Scoop does the dog poop scooping job for you. Our professional team of technicians will arrive at your Erie property, perform your pet waste pick-up service and take the waste away for proper disposal, all while being respectful of your home and dogs. The equipment we use to clean your yard is sanitized after every pick-up.
  • We know that doggie poop pick-up is not your favorite part of being a pet owner. Our services allow you to enjoy your pets and spend your days, evenings, and weekends doing activities that are important to you and your family.
  • We have made getting started easy. Start with a quick quote. Call us at 303-781-POOP or get a quote online. You will be happy you did!

We Haul the Waste Away at No Additional Charge

Client Raves!

Drake has been wonderful at picking up the yard. Petscoop was easy to contact with questions not in the FAQs and get a timely response. Payment is very easy to set up when you sign up. If you have a problem they are true to their word and will get it fixed as soon as possible. I've only used their service for a few months but as long as I have dogs, I will gladly stay with them.
We Really Dig
We Really Dig
Summer is wonderful and she met Fergus today. Absolutely love your service and your help is worth every single cent. If you are a dog owner, I highly recommend and their price is very reasonable. Thank you!!!!
Kate Kane
Kate Kane
Best money spent. They have been scooping our backyard for a few months and they are great. The one and only time they didn't clean as well as I am used to, I called them and they came back the same day and did a thrilled clean up.Great customer service.
We have used Petscoop for several years now. They are reliable and the staff is respectful of your animals and property. We have had the same person come for years. Crystal is fantastic.
Amie Peterson
Amie Peterson
We have been using Pet Scoop for several years. They have always done a great job. Their staff is friendly and always on time. I highly recommend this company for pet waste cleanup in your yard.
Holly Robinson
Holly Robinson
Timely and consistent service and they always do a great, thorough job. Billing and communication is super easy! Thank you for running an incredible and reliable business.
Gina Dooley
Gina Dooley
Not only the best pet waste company but one of the best overall company’s I have ever used. The customer service is impeccable to say the least. The technician they send out treats my dog like family, she jumps at the door to go say hi when the truck roles up! Absolutely wonderful company, don’t waste time with others. Thank you!!!
Zach Zepeski
Zach Zepeski
Pet Scoop is phenomenal and you cannot beat the price. They are responsive, have all been so kind and they are very thorough. I have them come out once a week and it makes it so much easier to let the kids outside to play. They send me a message once they have completed their visit and they come rain or shine. I saw their truck in my neighborhood and figured I would give them a try. You should too! They won't let you down 🙂
Kyli Bailey
Kyli Bailey
They come and remove all of my dog messes and I have three dogs so that can be a lot. They are reasonably well priced and always on time. And if there is a problem, they will return to take care of it.
Vicki Gonzales
Vicki Gonzales
We've used Pet Scoop over a period of 7 years and 2 properties -they are super effective and professional. They receive feedback well and are prompt to make changes. I will continue to use them as long as we have a pet and live in Colorado.
Gwen Haley
Gwen Haley

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Fun & Interesting Things To Do In Erie, CO With Your Dog

Erie is named after Richard Jeptha Van Valkenburg, a Civil War veteran and Episcopal reverend who is notable for being one of the founding pioneers of northern Colorado and is home to nearly 13,209 dogs! Here are some fun & interesting things to do with your dog.

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