The Afghan Story

In the 1900s soldiers from Britain serving in Afganistan brought these interesting pups back home with them. The dog’s popularity spread quickly. The stylish canine became an obsession with Hollywood scarlets and “The Chicago Picasso is thought to be an abstract replica of the Afghan dog of Picasso’s friend. It is said that “Picasso loved the way the creature changed as you viewed it from different angles”.

The Afghan’s Appearance

The breed is built for speed. It is long and lean with a flowing silky coat. Its face is triangular and graced by floppy ears that add to the animal’s graceful look.

The Afghan’s Temperament

Afghans are natural hunters who are born to run. They have a play inclination but can be a bit standoffish and are highly independent.

Best pet parents for Afghans are individuals with time on their hands and plenty of space. Afghans need daily exercise but they do not require constant interaction.

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