WhoDung it

If you manage municipalities, multifamily communities or Dog parks you’ve probably started to hear more about Dog waste DNA testing to manage dog waste problems.
Dog waste DNA testing for managed communities is not new and as more and more people embrace dog ownership, one dog, two dogs or even three dogs, the problem of Who Dung it or irresponsible pet ownership is growing.

PooPrints, a dog waste DNA testing program has been in the news for the Denver and Boulder areas frequently. It seems people on both sides have strong opinions about the service. Here are a few recent videos that feature PooPrints and Sam Johnson, the President here at Pet Scoop Services in Denver.

Boulder Colorado Pet Waste Issue and PooPrints

Denver’s Channel 7 talks to Pet Scoop about PooPrints

These video are pretty cute and are great human interest stories. But let’s talk a bit about why PooPrints Dog Waste DNA testing can be an important tool for managed communities.

Here are some awesome whys for the PooPrints program:

• Eliminates the headache of dog poop in your community and increase NOI through pet registrations.

• Increases resident retention rates because all tenants, dog owners and non-pet owners alike, enjoy their cleaner and greener neighborhood.

• Reduces pet waste will by 75% – 100% almost immediately after registering pets on the property.

• Is a no cost solution for property management when utilizing a portion of the resident’s pet fee.

• Provides undeniable accountability and is easy to implement with your residents.

• Offers unique pet ID tags for easy identification of registered pets within your community.

• Provides pet policy amendments and notification emails to send to your residents are provided to you.

Got questions about how the program works? Check our PooPrints service page.

If your community is currently using the PooPrints program as your pet waste solution, share your experience!