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Article written by Poop Away – Pooper Scooper Service in Massachusetts

We’ve all heard of winterizing our home. Maybe you take out window ACs, or double check the drafty areas of your home. But what about our furry friends? Winter can impact our dogs in ways many of us tend not to think about.

Beneath that fluffy coat our dogs have sensitive skin, just like we do. After Fido plays outside in the snow it’s really important that we dry them off right away. Wet fur will draw important oils from their coat and skin leading to dry, itchy skin that can be very uncomfortable. If you have a humidifier, keep it on! Dry winter air is rough on both dog and human skin.

Watch out for wet feet too! Snow can collect between our pups toes and lead to a whole host of issues. When they come in, make sure drying includes their feet, and if they go in and out, make sure they don’t have wet feet when they run outside. Any water on their feet, fur, or skin, can freeze, leading to frostbite. A painful and potentially dangerous condition.

Know your dog! Some breeds are perfect for winter shenanigans, huskies, malamutes, st. bernards, are all perfect examples of winter hardy breeds. Thick double coats protect them from losing body heat, and their large frames help them generate more body heat than smaller, less hardy breeds. If your dog isn’t a winter hardy consider limiting the amount of time they spend outside, especially on those extra cold days. If a long walk is part of you and your dogs routine, consider supplementing their natural fur with a doggie jacket. They’re functional and adorable.

With a little extra planning you can ensure your dog is safe and warm all winter long.